“I now have increased my flexibility, improved my health, fitness and strength and have found something that is completely addictive.”

“The ability in our group is varied and all who attend are like minded and Allan has great advice on helping us achieve maximum results!”

Nigel Reece

“Why the hell do I do this? I (now) feel so much fitter: I can do more, for longer and recover quicker. Come and find out for yourself. Then you’ll understand.”

"I do shift work so rarely have the motivation to go to the gym; I book to see Al and he makes sure I do regular exercise, which is invaluable."

Kim Barnard

"I couldn’t ask for such a supportive, no-messing personal trainer. I get away with nothing but for that I am thankful for, because it has finally got me feeling comfortable in my own skin."

Laura Brewster

"Allan’s positive and relaxed approach, along with the varied and interesting sessions, keep me going even on the most difficult of days..."

"Allan works with us to make sure we retain strength, flexibility and balance, essential in our later life years"

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