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Online fitness training is designed to fit in with your lifestyle but still provide you with focused sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals.

​What can you expect from online fitness training?

  • A highly motivated trainer

  • Fun but focused sessions, on an intensity specifically for you

  • Varied sessions using different body weight and resistance exercises​


How much does online fitness training cost?

One-to-one Personal Training sessions:

£30 per hour | £20 per half an hour*

What are the benefits of online fitness training?

Online sessions are run via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp which means you can be wherever you need to be, all you need is WiFi or 3G/4G!

  • Time effective

  • Train in your own home without having to travel

  • Exercise can fit around your work/life schedule

  • No need for childcare

  • Minimal space needed

To discuss your specific needs in further detail please contact me. A free no obligation video call can be arranged to discuss all your needs. Discounted rates apply for those on direct debit, please contact me for details.

*12 hours notice for cancellations is required otherwise your session will be lost. Please note, you must use all your sessions within the month and a month's notice is required if you wish to stop your PT sessions.

Personal trainer holding a beeper.
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