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How do you train for Tough Mudder?

Tough Mudder was such a great day and being part of the Wells Mad Mudders team made it such a fun and rewarding experience, such great team camaraderie which was shown as we scaled obstacles and plunged into water and the unknown!

For those of you who are unsure Tough Mudder is a team bonding 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test not only your physical strength but also your mental determination.

So how do you train for Tough Mudder?

  • Running – to make the run bearable, it is best to feel comfortable running 10K. Although the obstacles break up the distance, having a 10K distance under your belt will definitely help make the course more manageable. Practice running on road but also off road too, and invest in some trail trainers, they will definitely help when sliding through the mud! Signing up to some smaller 5K and 10K runs will also give you the motivation to keep running!

  • Strength Training - getting in the gym and using weights will also help when helping your team mates over the wall obstacles or getting them out of water, or when doing the monkey bars! By starting a weight training programme or by doing body weight exercises in your every day workouts this will help increase your strength no end.

  • Circuit Training - join your local circuit class or start your own with your Tough Mudder team! A great way to bond whilst training hard. A mixture of exercises such as press ups, sit ups, squats, sprints and lunges will all help in your Tough Mudder preparation.

  • Outdoor swimming – the water is cold and by getting used to swimming in your clothes and then running is the best thing to prepare yourself for this! We headed to our local outdoor swimming centre to take the plunge and this was a great way to get everyone used to the shock of the Arctic Enema!

  • Team Bonding exercises - the most important part of Tough Mudder is the team! Having a good rapport will make the whole experience more fun and enjoyable, by having team training sessions, going out for meals/drinks and generally getting to know each other better!

For more information and for more detail on how to train for Tough Mudder, contact me on 07828 452029 or


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