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Client Testimonial - Dawn Stubbs

"Bootcamp has changed the way I look at myself and I never thought I could have so much fun whilst exercising, it almost feels like it isn’t hard work (almost!)

I joined bootcamp several years ago and was looking to reignite my love of exercise and this has captured it perfectly. By training twice a week in the mornings, it has improved my self-esteem and confidence but also helps start my day off in the best possible way.

Allan is fantastic and keeps me motivated but also committed to the importance of regular exercise, he has supported me throughout my bootcamp journey and gives great advice on diet, nutrition, the importance of stretching as well as giving me the support I need on days that everything feels a little more challenging.

Since starting bootcamp I have competed in several local runs which I never would’ve dreamt off before joining and I have also made numerous friends which make the 6am starts bearable knowing you are turning up to a group of friendly, like minded individuals and getting your exercise in before 7am gets you out of bed in the morning.

Learning to appreciate that my body can’t always do what it is supposed too with the appearance of old injuries has been a challenge, but Allan has worked with me giving me alternative exercises or challenging me to do my best and I now have increased my flexibility, improved my health, fitness and strength and I have found something that is completely addictive."

For more information about fitness bootcamps go to or contact Allan Barnard on 07828 452029 or


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