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Bootcamp in the Winter – how to keep motivated as the days get shorter and colder!

As the days get colder and shorter, how do you keep motivated with training and why should you keep coming to Bootcamp in the Winter?

Here are my top tips on how to keep motivated, stay warm and keep on training…

1. Choose the right Bootcamp for you

Over the course of a week there are five bootcamps you can choose from. If you love the outdoors then head to Collett Park in Shepton Mallet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. If you are not such a fan of the outdoors then there is an indoor option too! If you are an early bird come along to the 6am Wells Bootcamp which takes place in Perfect Fit gym in Wells on Tuesday and Thursday’s. No excuses and something for everyone, plus your first session is free! To find out more information and all the times and prices just click here…

2. Layer up

Realistically when you arrive at Bootcamp you will be cold and want to wrap up, but as we get moving you will get warmer (I promise!) Therefore, think about what you are wearing, and by layering up you can take off any excess layers as you warm up, even for the indoor one, the gym can be a little chilly at 6am in the morning! Gloves and hats might be a good idea and a light waterproof for those rainy days! We even have Barnard Fitness hoodies and tshirts that you can purchase so there’s no excuse to not come!

3. Train in the morning!

By exercising first thing it will invigorate you for the day ahead and you will get it over with in the morning! So when you are sat at home or in the office and making excuses to not exercise, the temptation to not come will be reduced!

4. Train with a friend or meet new ones!

Join Bootcamp with a friend or training buddy, by having someone to come with you are more likely to turn up, and not let the other down. Although Bootcamp is a really friendly group of people and everyone is welcome, no matter what fitness level and age. You will meet new friends so join today with a friend or by yourself.

5. Exercising in the cold burns more calories

Training in the cold, does help burn more calories as you will be moving more to keep warm! So think when you are wrapped up all that Winter comfort food you can burn off! See my other blog post “Why train outside” for more information.

6. Safety

In Shepton Mallet we meet at the top of the park to make sure everyone trains in a safe environment. Remember to wear hi-viz clothing when exercising in the dark as well as bringing a mobile phone. For the Wells one, you can park close to the gym and the gym is well lit ready for everyone when they turn up!

So you think you can survive Bootcamp in the Winter? Come along and see for yourself!

Contact me on 07828 452029 or for more information.


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