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Client Testimonial - Kim Barnard

"For me, getting engaged was one of those moments that triggered the desire to do something about my weight/shape in anticipation of our big day. All eyes on me slightly petrified me and I wanted to look my best, not only for me but also for my future husband.

I have not always been interested in fitness but something changed about six years ago and I started going to the gym, and then on my birthday three and a half years ago I joined Bootcamp in Shepton Mallet, I literally became addicted to this new style of exercise and I saw my shape change in front of me.

Back in January 2014, I decided it was time to really get motivated and began a new training programme which Allan set me. I upped my running to thin down my legs and to increase my fitness which not only benefitted my weight loss but also got me a PB in the Bristol 10K and made the run an enjoyable experience rather than one which wasn’t so pleasant! Every morning I would run between 5 and 10K, and then after work I would head to either the gym for weights or to bootcamp in the park.

Matching my training with a healthy diet, I noticed the pounds soon dropped off and by introducing weights into my week, I soon noticed my arms looking more toned and definition in my legs, plus I was getting stronger.

Allan has supported me throughout my whole journey, some may some I’m biased as I ended up marrying him, but putting that aside, I couldn’t ask for such a supportive, no-messing personal trainer. I get away with nothing but for that I am thankful for, because it has finally got me feeling comfortable in my own skin. Fitness is now my life and I couldn’t love it any more!"

For more information on personal training or fitness bootcamps contact Allan Barnard on 07828 452029 or


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